CDL Duvernay Studies in Geoconvention 2015

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Duvenray Stress Map

Geoconvention 2015 will be in town soon and we will be proudly presenting some of the workflows, methodologies and conclusions from our integrated geomechanical study of the Duvernay Formation, a fast-growing and attractive unconventional play in Alberta. This study is a part of The Duvernay Project conducted by Canadian Discovery Ltd., Graham Davies Geological Consultants Ltd., and Trican Geological Solutions Ltd.

The extended abstracts for these presentations are already available online and, while required to be under four pages, we tried to keep them as inclusive and comprehensive as possible hoping they will be beneficial to our readers. One of these presentations/articles provides a general review of the study and its key findings and conclusions on different issues such as geology, hydrogeology, drilling experience, rock properties, stress characterization, and fractures. The other one pays specific attention to rock properties and the integrated approaches used for their characterization in this study and it includes relations between mineralogical/geochemical composition and mechanical properties, a new perspective of rock brittleness, and application of these findings for identifying fraccable rocks and their fracture types and other issues such as the effects of pore pressure on mechanical properties.

Here are the full titles:

A Regional Geomechanical Study of the Duvernay Formation in Alberta, Canada
Amy D. Fox and Mehrdad Soltanzadeh

Application of an Integrated Approach for the Characterization of Mechanical Rock Properties in the Duvernay Formation Mehrdad Soltanzadeh, Amy D. Fox and Nasir Rahim

Hope to see you for the talks and hear your comments/questions/suggestions.

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