Drilling-induced earthquakes may endanger millions in 2016, USGS says

A billboard is seen on the side of the road set up by the law firm representing plaintiffs in a lawsuit against two oil companies near Greenbrier, Arkansas, August 6, 2013. At the time, more than a dozen homeowners in central Arkansas were suing two oil companies in federal court, claiming the disposal of wastewater from hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, triggered a swarm of more than 1,000 earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 that damaged their property. Photo by Jim Young/REUTERS

Researchers at the USGS and other institutions have tied earthquake surges in eight states, including Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Kansas and Arkansas, to oil and gas operations. Some state regulators have been slow to accept scientists’ findings. Residents have become increasingly angry, and environmental groups have sued. “This is a public safety issue, and there’s been a lot of denial and ignoring of the problem,” says Wallace, who has joined neighbors to push for the shutdown of nearby wastewater wells.


BC Hydro worried fracking-created earthquakes a danger to northern dams

The Peace Canyon Dam, downstream of the W.A.C. Bennett Dam.

Internal documents show B.C. Hydro officials have had concerns since at least 2009 that earthquakes triggered by fracking are a potential risk to its Peace River dams.


Scientists dip pressure monitors into inactive disposal wells to better understand man-made earthquakes

So pressure transducers will be dipped into a goal of 12 inactive disposal wells as part of a $91,000, six-month study that’s a first of its kind.

Dueling Studies Continue the Debate Over Fracking Earthquakes

Dueling Studies Continue the Debate Over Fracking Earthquakes

Southern Methodist University seismologists recently revealed human-induced earthquakes in North Texas are not only caused by oil and gas operations but also have been occurring since the 1920s across Texas. Oil and gas industry professionals were quick to denounce seismologists findings, and the Texas legislature was quick to take action by calling for its own study, to be conducted by a team of experts appointed by the governor. 

SandRidge Energy Added To Lawsuit Over Induced Seismicity

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Oklahoma City-based SandRidge Energy is the latest company to be included in a federal lawsuit concerning induced earthquakes.

Humans have been causing earthquakes in Texas since the 1920s

Humans have been causing earthquakes in Texas since the 1920s

Earthquakes triggered by human activity have been happening in Texas since at least 1925, and they have been widespread throughout the state ever since, according to a new historical review of the evidence published online May 18 in Seismological Research Letters.